November 26, 1999
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Holiday Gift Guide
Entertainment Today's comprehensive shopping guide to the best in holiday books, CDs, video/DVD, software and more...

Other Features
Tobey Maguire
The young actor rises with roles in two prestigious fall projects, including Ang Lee's Ride With the Devil

Online Shopping
Want to avoid the mall crowds this year? Here's some Web sites that'll keep all the folks on your list happy this year

Movie Reviews
Screening Rosetta; Ride With the Devil; Toy Story 2; Tumbleweeds; All About My Mother; End of Days

Ticket Holders
Acts of Grace 3: Train Stations at the Egyptian Arena; Disco Balls
New and ongoing local productions.

Multimedia Previews
Playtesting NFL Blitz 2000; You Don't Know Jack; Vegas Games 2000

Cyber Nation
Debunking the Thanksgiving myth online

Disc Domain
Natalie Merchant enchants on Live In Concert; the Foo Fighters go pop on There Is Nothing Left To Lose; Natalie Cole's Snowfall On The Sahara
Music Notes
Michael Jackson to play Edgar Allan Poe; Slash bounds back with another solo effort; Wherehouse merges; Madonna buys new home

Hitting VHS and/or DVD: South Park: Bigger, Longer Uncut; Iron Giant, Inherit the Wind; Wallace Gromit: Their First Three Adventures

Development Hell
Universally accepted scare tactics

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